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halo . i have four hard drive c,d,e,f . i want to make one out of two/ i.e. e and f, i want to combine them both. how it is possible. \\
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  1. Raid 0. You could do this in windows
  2. do you have 4 hard drives (physical drives) or 4 partitions?
  3. i have four hard drive partitioned into pc C,D,E,F . E& F both are empty. how can i merge e and f dirves . without any changes to c and d drives. how it is possible. im using win 7 32 bit.
  4. If they are in same physical drive just delete them both and then select the unallocated space to make one drive.
  5. Go to control panel, administrative tools, computer management..

    Select disk management..
    select the partition that want to merged.. (make sure it empty/data is moved)
    Right click and delete volume/partition of both empty partition (e,f)
    Then right click on unalocated space to create new partition....

    It can only be done if the partition in same physical drive and on side by side. if the partition not side by side it will required more step to do.. (I will need u to post the picture of disk management for safety reason)
  6. halo i done that.. now problem. is want back all my drives as it was like c,d,e,f problem is when i had shrink E drive while creating NEW DRIVE F letter f is missing. in assign folder name. so i didnt created it. now scenario is there is c,d,e drive there are two unallocted space 100 mB and 97.66gb unallocted. now what to dO.
  7. halo i have created new drive F Also but it show that it is logical drive ..but i want F TO be like d and e LIKE healthy primary partition. what is difference between logical and primary partioned.
  8. Not much to worry actually. primary partition had limitation up to 3 in single drive. above that partition need to be logical one..

    there a technical difference like physical MBR/plate separation, etc.. but i'm wouldn't worry so much..

    edit: u don't need to shrink the empty partition by deleting it could do the trick. if the free allocated space are side by side it will merge so it can be used for new partition, if not side by side there a couple extra step to do...
  9. there is still 100 mb left unallocated what to do with that. and i have also have another external hard drive . that hard drive is showing as local drive :I , i want it show differently.
  10. for external HDD it hard to change since it automatically assign drive letter when u plung in to the computer..

    the step for changing drive letter is the same: in disk management, right click change drive letter -> choose available letter

    100mb as i know used as system reserved is that u means by unallocated? just ignore it.... (if it system reserved, it supposed to be there)
  11. no when i plug into computer first its shows differently without any letter such as i , j, etc is only shows segate external hdd. now one more thing i want to make F DRIVE AS primary partioned .. i want to make my computer as it was first like. C,D,E AND F DRIVE. d,e,and f are healthy primary partioned with blue colour. did u got me. is any way that my computer start as it was earlier without any changes. like C, D,E,AND F DRIVES. etc.
  12. nope i don't get u wkwkw :D

    can u please upload/post the disk management image

    it will a great help to understanding the problems
  13. halo how to add picture message to u here in of disk management
  14. - open disk management like in my picture, than u can use sniping tools (start, accessories)

    - Drag the area that want to be captured than save ...

    - go to picture hosting service. I'm using

    - upload the picture (browse the pic and upload, select he size for forum/web)

    - find the link in"IMG Code for Forums & Message Boards" copy the link

    - The link should be like ""

    - paste in the replay post here at tom's

    # this also useful to post pic in other forum, they are the same ............ :bounce:
  15. halo sending the link please refer to it.
  16. halo sending the link . please refer to it. i want to make F DRIVE AS D AND E. if picture is not clear then say ill send new one.
  17. .here is the link.. please reply.
  18. You can do it. Remove important data from these two drives. Insert a boot disk or plugin a bootable USB and start booting. When it comes to the state: choose the drive to install Windows, delete those two partitions you want to combine and create a new partition using the memory available.
  19. Sorry for the late reply.. (just got back to home)

    okay, the pic quite good actually..

    -now had 5 partition
    1. Unalocated 100Mb
    2. C: 80 Gb OS...
    3. D: 100 Gb Data...
    4: E: 200 Gb Empty
    5: F: 100 Gb Empty

    The first partition "1." Unalocated 100 Mb is cannot be changed. to change/merge it will requied to delete OS partition C: "2." it will need to reinstall the OS, so just ignore it...

    So U want to merge E: "4." with F: "5." to create one single 300 Gb partition, Am I'm correct?
  20. first see how come this unallocated 100 mb came from. i dont know. secondly i dont want delete now. F DRIVE. see my D AND E DRIVE i WANT TO GET F DRIVE AS d and e drive. as primary partioned and color of F DRIVE IS DARK BLUE /.how can be it like . E AND D DRIVE/.
  21. but there is problem for external hdd. when im plug it says local disk .I. and it is not opening aslo.
  22. If the answear is yes than u need to right click at partition E: and F:, then select delete Volume as the picture below.

    Delete it until it became "black" unalocated volume

    Then Right click at the unalocated Volume to make a new volume/partition (U can choose it as primary or logical partition)

    The last format the new created partition...........


    U can only had 3 primary partition so the 4 one always become logical partition.... (it works same as primary partition)
  23. R U THERE . waiting for ur reply
  24. So u don't want to merge E: and F:... but to change F: becoming primary partition "dark blue"

    The answear is u cannot...

    the primary partition maximum is three (C:, D:, E: ) the fourth one (F: ) always became logical.

    For external Disk try connect it to Pc (plung it). with plunged go to disk manager it will detected there... u can change the label there

    edit: there no diffrent in primary and logical partition, (u can says the logical partition is improved version of primary partition)

    for external being cannot be acessed, make sure the external drive is not broken

    And the 100mb Unallocated it usually used as system reserved partition in 64bit OS. Do not know why it appear at your 32bit win7
  25. .this is new screen after that.

    but my external hdd not working still
  26. see the screen i have changed . my external hdd not working. i cannot see in computer. after pluging.
  27. For the external HDD, try another USB port.... (or try in another computer, friend's / laptop)

    is it detected in other computer / port ?

    if detected in other but not in yours try reinstall USB driver
    If not detected in the other computer, your external might be broken

    (u can try to dismantle it, and install it on the PC but it will void the waranty)
  28. prafulgadhvi said:
    ... see the screen i have changed . ......

    Well u did it, :D

    That the way to merge partition..

    If u had trouble with external HDD u may wanna create new post in hardisk section, with "helps, my external hdd not working/recognised" as labels..

    It will give u better support about posible fix/problems than at here (windows7 section)
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