How to install cd games to pc

how can i install my new buy CD games to my personal computer
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  1. did you tried inserting the disk on your optical drive?

    some games will give you the option to install FULL or Minimum,
    FULL will speed up the game loading times etc..

    Some games while FULL installation will still require to have the disk on the optical drive to play the game.
    (others don't, but most games do)
  2. By putting the CD in the CD tray and closing it...
    Maybe if you were asking about floppy drives this question wouldn't be as strange, but CD's arent that old.

    If you don't have an optical drive, then it gets complicated. Put the disc in a machine with an optical drive, and get a program that will convert that into a .ISO file. Download a program (to the personal machine) called Alcohol 52% and set up a virtual drive, mount the .ISO on the virtual drive, and it should act like a normal disc.
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