Sell my laptop for a Good tablet?

Hey guys whats up? :hello: I have an Asus K53SN here are specs.

i7 2670QM
8 GB DDR3 Ram
Blue ray optical drive
120 GB SSD by OCZ
Nvidia 550m 2GB
17" 1600x900 display (I believe)
Windows 7 Pro.

I wonder what would be a fair market value for this laptop? I am interested in a tablet (I move around alot and laptop is bothering me I carry alot of tolls and equipment on me so need something lighter, more convenient, and less bulky) I am mainly interested cause Windows 8 is coming soon and I want has munch hands on with it as possible. I understand there are ultrabooks is touch screen but I really want more experience with tablets. So this is a experiment/training thing I wanna do. Any recommendations on a solid tablet capable of running Windows 8? need at least 2Gb or more and want a dual-core of better cpu. Thanks in advance apologize for any confusion. :bounce:
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  1. Why not just sell this one and buy a alienware m11x which is a 11" gaming laptop
  2. windows 8 tablets are not out yet.I suggest kevinspl's is not a tablet OS. Even though windows 8 will be more tablet-friendly, you will need high end hardware. If you can spend money for that,wait for more windows 8 tablets. And if you cant wait,either, as I told before, go for an ultrabook.
    By the way, what will you do with it?
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