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This might be a completely moronic question but here goes, I only have windows 2000 installed on my computer, no old machines laying around, but i want to make a pure and simple dos boot disk, one for doing bios updates and that sort of thing, how do i go about doing that on the computer i have right now. in win98 it was easy to make a windows boot disk, but i have one of those and they put so much crap on it that you cant fit your bios update, the flashing program and a back up copy of the bios at the same time. hence me waning a pure and simple boot disk.


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  1. Go to a friend's house running Windows 95 OSR 2 or Windows 98 and copy into a floppy the following archives:


    They should be located in C:\

    With them you will have a floppy disk that just will load the OS without cd-rom support or any other stuff.
  2. You don't necessarily have to have the BIOS on the boot disk. You could copy the new BIOS or utility to another floppy disk and switch to it after the machine boots. The Flash utility and BIOS do not need any of the files on the boot disk to run. You could also use the hard disk and access you files from a directory on that drive over the floppy.
  3. Go to a Win98/95 machine and format A: drive under explorer with "Copy system files" checked or go into dos mode and type "format a: /s". That will give you the basic boot up disk.
  4. Try this site, they have a dos 6.22 image that extracts to create a dos boot disk. It even has generic cdrom drivers that picks up most cd rom drives.
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