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I have a workstation computer that when it boots up it tells you to press ctrl+alt+del to get to the login screen. I do that and another screen with a generic message comes up and says press ok to proceed. I do that and then it goes back to the ctrl+alt+del screen. It keeps doing this everytime I try to go through the process. Any suggestions?
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  1. Hi :)

    You should be putting in your username and password on second screen...

    All the best Brett :)
  2. It doesnt allow me to get to that screen. Thats the problem.
  3. hold f8 at start up and try booting into safe mode
  4. Failing that, run a repair from the original OS cd.
  5. Running a repair from the original CD is such a horrible idea. I take it you may have never actually done it on a production system before? :)

    No one asked.. soo..

    What do the screens say?

    Has anything changed to the GINA assuming this is not Vista/Win7 (Because if it was, you'd go to those forums).

    It could be that the system is removed from the Domain, or that the user account is locked.
  6. "generic message comes up and says press ok to proceed"
    What's the message?, is the system on a managed corporate network if so you really need to ask you administrator as it could be a restriction on your usage.
  7. my system have same issue.. and it's working very slow...
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