Dell 2005FPW for $501

I have been reading alot of reviews on the Dell 2005FPW UltraSharp 20" LCD Widescreen Monitor. So I desided to order one today. The sales person told me it was $561. So I said I was hoping to get it for under $500. He told me to hold while he checked. He was able to offer it for $501 including shipping. Not bad.

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  1. What store?

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  2. It's been as low as about $350. I bought one for $600 and was happy though.

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  3. From Dell. I told them someone I know said it was on say for $500 at some point. They pu tme on hold and offered $501 instead of the $561 listed on the site. So anyone about to buy it look for an extra $60 off should try to take them down.
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