When I start up windows 98 I get a message that this file is missing. I have no network card. Does anyone know what this means or how I can get this file so that I don't get this message anymore?

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  1. Have your Win98CD loading disk ready, go into System Information, in System Tools, click on the Tools header, choose and run System File Checker, and let it replace any missing or corrupted files from the Win98CD. When it finishes remove the CD from the CDROM drive and restart the machine and see if the error goes away.
  2. the file doesn't seem to exist on my windows 98 cd. What can I do now? And as a side note if I try to open internet explorer there is an error and it shuts down.....

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  3. <A HREF=";JA;q166832" target="_new">Err Msg: Cannot Find a Device File That May Be Needed to Run... (Q166832)</A>

    Possible fixes for Internet Explorer:

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    <A HREF="" target="_new">Repairing Internet Explorer</A>

    <A HREF=";EN-US;ie" target="_new">Internet Explorer Support Center</A>

    <A HREF="" target="_new">Internet Explorer 6.0 Full Download</A>


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  4. go to network properties and uninstall any network components you are not using.. like MS client , Windows logon etc all you should need is the 2 tcp ones for your dial up modem

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  5. thanks guys. I'll try those solutions out later. I actually don't have a modem or a network card on the pc in question (I just built it and am using my old pc for internet purposes for the time being. Must seem weird that I build a computer but I don't know windows crap.) I'll let ya know how it works out for me.

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  6. thanks guys. i got it resolved. (removed compenents from network props). appreciate the help.

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  7. glad ya fixed it

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  8. Okay, so I checked all the answers that were given in regards to the vnetbios error on Windows 98 and was not happy. Too much to do, and too much headache for a small brain like me. Instead I took life in my own hands and decided to use the registry editor and delete every instance where there word vnet was used. In my case only three times. Now the computer is running great!!!
    So hope it works for the rest of us.
    DO THIS:
    1. Click Start
    2. Click Run
    3. Type in the word regedit
    4. Click on OK
    5. Now click on the word Edit at the top of the Registry Box that appears, then click on Find.
    6. Type in the word vnet and it will find the first instance where it is. Right click on the file or folder and delete it. Do this until you find all of the instances and you will be good. If you cannot connect to the internet afterwards, simply re-install the modem or ethernet software that came with your puter.
    Good Luck
  9. Or get rid of 98 altogether and run something from this century...

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