Nvidias GTX 280M and GTX 260M

Hi all hope u are fine :)

Here are the specs of new cards from nvidia,GTX 280 and GTX 260M:

GTX 280M:

GTX 260M:

GTX 280M has 128 StreamProcessors and GTX 260M has 112(like 9800MGTX)
Not much of a new card though,i hope it had better specs.
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  1. I wasn't really expecting much from them. But I'd like to see some numbers on the 4870M.
  2. Just an FYI Maz, check your specs. According NV's website, the 9800GTX only has 112 SP's which give the 280 a little bit of an advantage.

  3. Yeah sorry :D 9800MGTX has 112 and 9800MGT/8800MGTX have 96,thanks for telling :)

    So the new GTX 280M is somehow like a desktop 9800GTX.
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