Plasma (irri. light reflecting glass) vs LCD (none glass)

Just wondering what all you people say about what is better. Plasma or LCD. All I know is that Plasma is having big problems with displaying natural sun lighting when you compare them with LCD's. Plasma is just not able to put natural lighting on screen. Also when you look at plasma screens you see these (remember your old CRT?) irritating reflections on the screen as they are glass made. Also another setback comparing it to LCD. Just wondering what you people think. Would you buy a plasma or lcd? Is plasma dying?
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  1. Plasma cons:
    High Price.
    Short Lifespan (5 years)
    High power comsuption (equal to CRT)
    Very fragile and prone to damage.

    Though LCD quality might be slightly lower than plasma, LCD can produce crisper colors and the pros of LCD vs Plasma are favoring LCD as a better purchase.
  2. i am in agreement with you. high end plasmas look the best out of ANY display technology, but were talking about $3000+ displays. low end plasma is a joke (EDTV crap)

    I personally prefer LCD and DLP. They're cheaper, use less power, and have a high life expectancy.

    Also w/ plasmas: if you're at 5000 feet or above, the tubes buzz and it's really annoying. the higher you go up, the worst plasma sounds. so for me being at 5,000 feet, plasma is pretty much not an option.
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