Viewsonic VX910 LCD display color problems

After about three years of reliable use, my Viewsonic VX910 LCD display color is tinted reddish orange and I cannot adjust it to its normal colors. I have been looking online to find a service manual or repair guide that would give me some chance to diagnose the problem but I've been unsuccessful in finding one. Does anyone have any suggestions or a source for a service manual or repair guide? Thanks.
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  1. I have a similar problem which began about a year after purchase. It is strangely intermittent...went on for about 3 weeks, quit for a few weeks and has resumed. Any dark display is tinted with red and light areas have swirls of blue green. Help?
  2. I have the same problem, but my monitor is a VP930b. Were you able to solve your problem? Mine was working fine for 3 years and suddenly the problem appeared.

    I discovered something extremely weird while in the monitor menu, If I went to "Color Adjust" and then to "User Color", the "R"ed bar would be out of the charts, it was marking 240, while the "G"reen and "B"lue were around 50. I moved the red back to 50 and it improved the color but did not fix the problem. I have tried to move the red or any other colors beyond 100 and the display does not let me.

  3. I have a similar problem with the Blue on the User Color option for my ViewSonic VP930. I think the problem is in the memory settings for the monitor and some kind of short has shifted the values. I cannot change the value for Blue up or down using the OSD menu!

    My Blue value is stuck on 255!
  4. Hey there,

    I have a similar problem as well. Its a Viewsonic VA702 which was about 4 years old when it suddenly became all tinted blue and I cant change it....

    It's reallly frustrating when trying to work across multiple monitors.

    It there a way to fix this? I've been searching almost 12mths and no success so far.

    I dont believe I will ever buy another Viewsonic monitor again. 1st DOA, 2nd this crap....

    I cant even find a way to reset factory defaults for this model......
  5. Similar problem here with VP930.

    Worked fine for years on S-sub1, then one day everything went very purple and I couldn't fix it. Later, I upgraded by PC and I connected the monitor via the DVI port (not available on the old PC) and it worked fine! If I use the D-sub ports, I got purple, and everything fine if I use DVI.

    However, today I was calibrating my monitors (using Spyder3 ELITE - highly recommended), and I pressed the 'Memory Recall' option on the monitor menu. It then went a shade of blue-green and I can't get it back.

    So now, if I use D-sub everything is purple, and if I use DVI, everything is blue-greeny colour :(

    However, I can adjust the R, G and B colour bars unlike you guys above.

    No solution to this yet :(
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