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an error that makes me really sick

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July 27, 2004 10:29:58 PM

i really dunno what to do now.
its the following maschine, a gigabyte 8knxp mobo, with a gig of 400 mhz ram, equipped with a p4 2.8 gh ht.
so far so good.
i use a 120gb seagate as system disc.
maybe i should mention that i use windows xp professional sp1 installed.
ok, furthermore i put in 4 80gb seagate ide drives on the boards ide raid controller. on the ide controller that is onboard, i have a plextor burner, a pioneer dvd burner and a dvd drive and of course that system disc.
ok the bios knows all discs and all optical drives, everything works fine.
i insert 3 more sata 160gb seagate drives, the two onboard sata controller accepts it all and everything works fine.
i need to insert two more sata 160gb seagate discs, but there was only one slot left on the mobo. so i bought a high point rocket raid 1820, that offers me 8 sata slots.
so i inserted it all. everythings works fine. after a few days there were strange noices. the noice when i hd boots up, you know. first just one disc, then two .. three ..
wtf i though. reboot. ok everything s fine again. after a time the same [-peep-] again.
i tried everything now ;/
new cables, tested the hds
the all work fine as long as i only insert 3 of the 5 sata drives. i also tried it with the onboard controller.
same again.
can it be that i have too low power ?
cause in the maschine theres another 160gb drive, connected via usb, and a radeon 9700 pro.
i have an enermax 550. that should be enough.
i also tried it when i put a few drives on another maschines power supply. but the same problem came up.
everything works fine and after a time a disc starts to make strange noices, the noice when you put power a the disc, you know, when it boots up. and while this progress, my whole windows systems hangs, i even cannot move the mouse, after the disc did the "reboot" a few times i can continue to work on the maschine, but this sucks ;/
maybe someone has a solution please help ;/
i already tried other cables, additional power supply, and tested the drives. all fine.

what else could it be ?!
maybe windows has a problem with too much gigybytes of harddisc space ?
but the noice also comes up sometimes when i just put on the maschine.
so weird ;/
please help

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July 27, 2004 11:30:35 PM

disconnect your ROM drives and boot with HDs only, if they not gonna get it, you have one of the drives bah-ah-ah-ad.

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July 28, 2004 2:23:00 AM

If it were me, I would try to insert *different* but similar hard drives into to the system (instead of 3 SATA Seagate 160G, use 3 20Gigs or whatever you can get your mits on) and see if you get the same hang on the Windows boot. I would suspect power. The previous posters suggestion of disconnecting the CD-Rom devices is also a good course. Basically, anything to reduce power requirments without removing the HD's.
When something that has been working suddenly stops doing so, look at what changed...
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July 28, 2004 6:06:44 PM

Check your BIOS / windows settings to make sure your hard drives don't auto power off? Which drives are powering down? All of them or just ones on a a specific controller? What are your voltages like? Did you try an 550W Antec?

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July 28, 2004 11:42:52 PM

no i did not try that antec 550w cause i dont have it ;/
i think there should not be a great diffrence between a antec and enermax.
and i cant try out other hds cause i only have 5 of those 160gb seagates sata. i removed all things that can save power, even the 160gb usb disc, and the 4 80gb ide discs and all cd/dvd drives.
its so sick. its impossible to get a solution for this problem, i really have no clue what could be wrong.
it cant be power since that was my first thought as well, and thats why i tried it with a 2nd power supply but the same happened. i looked up seagates page, they wirte my disc take 10w max, at 11discs its just 110w. 550-110 is still 440w. and 440 should be enough to run the maschine ;/
so sad about this problem ;/
July 30, 2004 9:54:33 PM

Make sure you have the correct drivers for the onboard and even the raid card controller, not updated ones. Use the floppy that came with the motherboard and the drivers for the card. I had a huge problem with this and took a long time to relise although I could get better/newer drivers for onboard raid and they did work, I would be forced into chk disks every boot and having very strange happenings whilst in Windows. Also when you are booting go into the Raid bios and set everything back to default and go from there, you could even unplug a few of the optical drives just to see if it is a PSU rail supply problem.

Good luck