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I am ordering memory for my new pc tonight, i am getting am msi neo platinum motherboard with an A64 3200+. I know that this chipset does not support RAM in a dual channel set up, but can i still use dual channel RAM in it? Specifically, kingston hyperx pc4000 2 x 512MB dual channel, or a similar corsair twin x pack. Thanks for your help guys.

Would I be better off with some hyper x pc3200 with better timings? (pc3200 = 2 2 2 6, pc4000 = 3 4 4 8)? or is that just crazy talk?
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  1. Don't get the HyperX. You will not get good timings out of it at lower speeds. Get OCZ, Corsair, or Ballistix. PC3500 at least. JMHO :smile:

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  2. Can still use the dual-channel packaged ram.
  3. And with PC4000 if you lwoer it to PC3200 chances are it will run at 2-3-3-6 timming and as mention PC4000 is probly overkill with that cpu/chipset

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