What should i do when i have lost my phone and its turned off

i lost my phone at home what should i do? And i couldn't find it. It is without a sim card! where should i look for and what am i going to do :(
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  1. You can follow the steps in the link to the sticky that's at the top of this forum to help recover your phone.

  2. If it's at home, look harder. If it's off, you can't track it with anything. Don't know how anyone else can tell you WHERE to look for it. Did you check the second sub-basement? Or the 12th floor under the dead walrus?
  3. There's a dead walrus on the 12th floor?
  4. inzone said:
    There's a dead walrus on the 12th floor?

    There may be, you never know where those lost cell phones hide. Just offering suggestions about where to look, usually dead sea creatures are not something that you'd think to look under on your own.
  5. It will be in the last place you look for it.
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