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OK, I know I don't have much memory on this laptop, but it was working ok with the last version of Spybot S&D. Now it seems like the new version is running all the time or something, all my programs are verrrry slow. I have a 37 gb hd, with 10 gb free. I have a 1.3 ghz processor and 224 RAM. I've defragged, I don't have anything running in my startup anymore..I'm out of ideas! Please help!
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  1. How much RAM do you typically have free?
  2. I'm not really sure how to tell. Suggestions? I know I have a TON of processes going when I check, and I'm not sure what to turn off. I have a selective startup going, with a lot of the things turned off - like Google Updater and Logitech startup stuff that I don't use. It hasn't been this slow before, and all I can think of is that the new version of Spybot that updated itself is slowing things down. I turned off the one that runs constantly in the taskbar...
  3. The Task manager will tell you on the performance page. Windows Vista will say it quite plainly, but under XP, you need to be looking at physical memory.
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