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I believe this is about the closest forum I can get into which is the correct category. If it is not I am sorry and please feel free to move it. (moderators).

I have spent quite a bit of time looking over multiple tablets. I have left my options open for contract based tablets such as for sprint/verizon however I am basing this on up front cost versus long term costs. I know in the long run any tablet on a contract will cost me more. But I am looking for multiple opinions. The Tegra 3 chip has come out and I am mostly interested in tablets offering Tegra 3 however Tegra 2 is not off my list. Anything in comparison as well. Ipad are something I am absolutely not interested in. The Asus series, Acer Series, and the Samsung series seem to be the best out there so far but I could be wrong.

Any opinions? I would prefer to stick below $400.00, but if the price is right I am always willing to consider it.
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  1. I would recommend a htc flyer because it just got supercheap and its performance is one of the best. besides you have the best stylus you can find in today and the 7'' format is in my opinion much better then the 10'', especially when you want to use your little gadget in the tub or on the road. i optimized my tablet with this tool to get the best apps, but i can give you some advice.
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