Windows 7 wont boot

All of sudden my computer gets stuck on the windows loading screen. I have tried to use the restore point, but none of the points seem to work.I got an error that said something about having recently pluged something in and needing to unplug it and start again. I have also tried to boot from the windows disk and use the tools but it wont let me I think because I have the OEM version. I have a Kingston SSD as my only hard drive. I have 3 options, 1. Take it in somewhere and get overcharged to either fix it or just have windows reinstalled. 2. Reinstall windows myself. 3. Try to fix the problem so I dont lose my data.
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  1. So what did you plug in then? :) Tray to disconnect every USB device that is not essential. Same for everything else that might be plugged in and try again.
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Windows 7 Boot