How to diagnose a BSOD BCode

I want to know what the recommended steps are for diagnosing the following error BSOD error:

BCCode: 1000007e
BCP3: FFFFF8800355B3D8
BCP4: FFFFF8800355AC30

What does "BC" stand for? As far as I can tell, the BCCode is the "main" code and the "BCP" are the specific problems within/related to that code, right?

I thought Googling the exact error codes would turn up a "Here's exactly what that code means" page SOMEWHERE on the interwebs but no such luck. BCP1 comes up with a bunch of random stuff but the other 3 BCP's return zero results on all of Google.

It's a custom 7 build that's worked fine most of the time. I've recently installed VMWare. I know BSODs often have to do with drivers. Could the "Virtual" drivers that VMWare installs have anything to do with this?

When I power it off and reboot it works fine.

I've done short memory tests and I don't think it's the memory. I can investigate it further though if necessary.

I don't get any errors in Device Manager. I've run CCleaner registry scan/clean/fix and no issues. Have latest Mobo BIOS. Not overclocking or tweaking anything really.

Would Fixboot or FixMBR help? Don't want to mess with those if not necessary.

Are there any "must-have" 3rd party diagnosis tools I should try? Registry cleaners/fixers, OS diagnostics, etc.?

All seems fine in CPU-Z and PC Wizard.

Have checked SSD for errors and seems fine.

Also is it safe to post a BSOD, CPU-Z report or a minidump file on a forum? Is there any sensitive information in these that could compromise security?

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  1. WhoCrashed is a useful tool. Just copy/paste the conclusion.
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