What's the difference between vga and dvi?

Hi, I got two 8800gts (only one in right now) and a Samsung Syncmaster 931BW for my gaming rig. Btw, the lcd screen is 19" widescreen, 2000:1 contrast ratio, and 2ms response time. I was wondering, with the current set up, is there going to be a noticable difference between using the dvi connection rather than the vga? If there wont be a difference to me, what difference will there be to my computer?
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  1. found this on google...hope it helps:

    What makes DVI better than VGA, and why is it that only Flat Panels use DVI...or does anyone know of a CRT that has DVI too?


    RJ03-23-2003, 02:51 PM
    DVI is better than VGA for TFTs because they are digital and VGA is analog. A TFT displayes its picture digitally, pixel per pixel. Via DVI the panel gets data for each pixel, so the picture generated in the graphics card will match exact with the pixels on the panel itself.

    Not so with VGA. First, the picture is generated digitally in the graphics card. Then it's converted to analog. In the TFT they will be converted again to digital (=> senseless twice conversion => quality loss), using the phase and the clock, and it'll be calculated which pixel should display what color. As the phase and clock can't be adjusted so precisely that a pixel of a picture generated by the graphics card will be displayed by the appropriate pixel on the panel. Means that the picture will be interpolated a little bit, which again means quality loss.

    The electron cannons of the CRT need analog signals, that's why VGA is the best for CRTs and DVI would make no sense here.
    For TFTs, DVI is the best. I won't get a TFT with no DVI.
  2. thanks for that info, I'll definitely get a dvi cable for my screen then.
  3. Quote:
    thanks for that info, I'll definitely get a dvi cable for my screen then.


    1. I've read a few times from professional reviewers, "there is no difference between VGA and DVI".

    2. It is known that *some* VGA is of lower quality and produces a less sharp image.

    3. High quality VGA produces an image equal to DVI (though I don't know how you would tell in advance whether your card has high quality VGA or not.... maybe the best you can go is go on reputation.)

    4. I have compared monitors side-by side with known quality workstation cards, both VGA and DVI. I could see zero difference even with a magnifying glass.

    5. You will likely lose *some* of the screen adjustments with DVI, most often, "autotune".

    6. I do no hold to the view that "DVI is definitely better", and have chosen to use VGA on my systems.

  4. how is the 931bw? It wa sone I was thinking of getting.
  5. This screen rocks. It's as bright as a crt will really amazing colors. If your looking to get a 19" at 1440x900, then this is it.
  6. This screen rocks. It's as bright as a crt with really amazing colors. If your looking to get a 19" at 1440x900, then this is it.
  7. You have made a good purchase young padawan :D
    We really need now more reviews at Tom's that include widescreen lcd's sincewide is much better now.
    Probably the samsung 91bw is the best widescreen one for the price, specially when paired with a DVI-D cable.
  8. I was wondering how your switch to the DVI cable went with your 8800gts and Samsung Syncmaster 931BW?

    The reason I ask, is because I am using the same hardware as you, except I only have only one of those fancy video cards not two :cry:.

    I am having some difficutly when using a DVI cable. Just wondering if you have experienced any problems. Check out my other post if you are interested in a detailed description of my woes.
  9. btw, my other post can be found in the following forum:

    Home -> Hardware -> Other Components “Samsung 941BW 19" DVI blurry”
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