Win 7 32 bit installed with 64 bit CD..Need help

I've been having huge problems with my pc, so I decided a fresh install would remedy the problems I'm having .

I did a fresh install of Win 7 64-bit Professional, which is what I had before (had it working for about 6 months)

When I re installed it using a usb (I got an .iso instead of the physical CD)..I have the .iso because last year a class from school i was in had a website to download software for "educational use" like xna, ms office, etc.. also on the website was Win 64 bit and 32 bit, and I got an iso for my PC at home

ANYWAYS, I don't even HAVE Windows 7 32 bit, so idk how this happened, I used the same method as before, everything installed fine, but I have windows 7 32 bit now, I tried re installing and same thing...

Does anyone have a fix for this? Did I install it wrong? I need help, school is starting soon, and I need my computer for school. Just to post this question I had to borrow a friends laptop.
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  1. You need 64 bit media .
  2. what is that?
  3. N11Ckk123472 said:
    what is that?

    I think he means that the media will be only recon-ed by 64 bit operating system.
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