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I want to purchase either a P3 or P2 I have played the P3's Motor storm on a lcd tv and it is PHENOMENAL as far as graphics it BLEW MY MIND. Could a good LCD monitor with a DVI input give me the same quality. Another ? I have is would a widescreen monitor be efficient for a gaming system I have a few at my job that I wanted to look into, But I figured I would ask this forum first. THANK YOU
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  1. OK... couple things:

    First off, 99% of all LCD monitors look waaaay better than LCD TV's or LCD HDTV's. Most smaller LCD HDTV's have a max res. of 1366x768 (or there abouts). You standard 19 in. LCD Monitor has a max res of 1280x1024 which is (about) equal to 1080p in HDTV standards.

    However... the more detailed the monitor the easier it is to see aliasing and other screen artifacts that result in underpowered video cards.

    The quick and easier answer is yes, a LCD monitor with a DVI input will give you the same or better quality, if you ramp up the resolution in the game. BUT, as far as the PS3 goes, even though it has a 1080p native resolution, most of the games are made to work at 1366x768P or 720P. This may change in the future, but who knows. For sure Bluray movies will look much better on a LCD monitor.

    Another thing, if you plan to use the PS3's HDMI out, you need a HDCP compliant monitor to watch bluray movies. So MAKE SURE whatever LCD Monitor you buy that it's HDCP compliant.

    As for PS2 on a LCD Monitor- you're wasting your money. You might as well use an LCD TV for it. The maximum resolution for the PS2 is 480P. That will look REAL shi*tty on a LCD Monitor. Another thing is you have to find a LCD Monitor that takes composite inputs, and most don't. My advice: don't buy a PS2.
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