How do I remove windows ultimate 7 from my computer


I had my son's computer fixed and the technician installed a trial of windows ultimate 7. when I turn on my lap top it keeps saying that I have a conterfiet copy of windows 7 ultimate. How do I uninstall this. Some please help me lol
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  1. you have to purchase valid license to activate your win 7 with Microsoft...
  2. Take it back to the technician, they are bound by the EULA to provide support for the Operating System they installed for a period of time (it used to be one year, probably still is).

    The trial versions of Win 7 shouldn't come up with a counterfeit problem though. Microsoft have installed a time bomb this time around. Currently Windows 7 trial versions are shutting down periodically and warning users that the trial end is imminent. Eventually the OS will shut down completely and not start up again. It is then people will have to install another operating system.
  3. I'd demand my money back. He had NO reason what-so-ever to install a trial version of Windows 7 on your PC.

    Sounds like this guy isn't very ethical. I wouldn't provide him any more business either.
  4. IF you just want to clean the hdd the fdisk the sucker...:)
  5. " zipzoomflyhigh "

    "dynomomny21" want to get rid of the notification.. it can be only achived by getting valid license..
    technician may cheated him by installing pirated version... if he knows about it he wont come here with this normal issue..he will simply wipe it with fresh installation
  6. Well you can get a Windows install dvd (most versions will work) and format the partition which has the trail version of Windows 7 on it.

    You can see how many partitioned disk spaces you have (i.e. c:, d:, f:, g: etc) by going into your BIOS(reset computer, wait for beep (if no beep then just press the button from the start) press del or f2 or whatever to get to BIOS) then look for "BOOT OPTIONS", and see which drive is the primary boot drive, and which hard drive (partition) is set as the primary HDD, and set it to the other partition (or atleast the one with your previous OS on it).

    If you only have one HDD with one partition on it then I'm afraid your old OS was probably completely wiped off when the trial version was installed.

    Fear not the BIOS!!!!
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