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So I bought a new comp and for the first time ever I am building it myself. Anyways I hook one dvd writer and a separate dvd rom. Both come with little cables for cd audio in. However there is only one place on the motherboard to put this cable in this means only my dvd writer have that cable connected. Is this alright? Or do I put that cable in the master optical drive?
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  1. You really don't need the cable, especially as pretty much every audio player (Winamp, foobar, WMP, etc.) in use can handle CD audio without the direct connection.

    Plug the cable into one of your drives, if you like, and use that drive to play audio CDs. I suppose you might save a few processor cycles, but the difference will be neglible. Or do like I did and just remove the cable altogether.

    Bottom line - it doesn't matter.

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