Recommend a cheap tablet or PDA.

I wasn't entirely sure what subforum to put this under, so it's general.
I've been wanting a tablet or new PDA for a while (currently have a HP iPAQ h5455 and 2nd-gen iPod touch with broken 3.5mm jack, yuck) and am looking into getting something new at the end of July. Right now, I'm looking at getting a nook color and then unlocking it into full Android. Android should be fine, but Windows is always my preference. I stay away from iOS and OSX as much as possible.

It doesn't need to be good at gaming performance. I haven't found a single game for iOS that hasn't made me want to shove a cheese grater up my anus after ten minutes; I'll stick to my PSP and actual gaming systems, thank you.

Does not need to be capacitative. This is one that I hear from a lot of people. I honestly wouldn't really mind having a resistive screen if it lowers the price point. Multi-touch is preferable, but I can get by without it.

I would like at least 2.5 hours of battery life. From my understanding, this is a relatively low requirement and shouldn't be very hard to meet.

Preferably capable of expansion with MicroSD or some other card. I'm going to run out of space, no matter what size I get.

At least 6" screen size. It needs to be larger than my other devices to justify purchasing it.

I don't mind thick electronics.

Must be able to play back video smoothly.

Flash is preferable.

TV output capability would be nice.

If you happen to know of any that I might be interested in, please recommend them to me. $200 is the MAX price.

Thank you in advance for any assistance.
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  1. Nook Tablet is great, will play HD video. Archos also makes pretty nice Android tablets.
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