AS Rock Z77 Extreme 4 SATA RAID Driver

So I broke down and bought a new MB (above) and CPU (3770K). In an attempt to get the install to go as smooth as possible I am trying to figure out if I need to install Intel raid drivers during the OS install (Win 7 SP1 X64). I have never used Intel raid and have always used an add in card that required the install of drivers during setup/install. My gut is telling me that I do not need to install drivers during setup because the Z77 controller will just tell the OS that a disk is present and control what data goes to what SSD (RAID 0) or is their more software involvement? I have checked the Intel site and have come up empty, the AS Rock site has a download for floppy disk install of the driver (typically used for Win XP) but does say win 7 would I use the files for the floppy install during OS install? Intel RST v11.2 supports TRIM in RAID 0 (I think) would I need to start with v11.2 installed to suppprt TRIM from the start?

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