Palladium interactive:ultimate family tree (uftree)

I have used this programm for the last 12 years, under window 97 and windows me without any problem and have about 60,ooo names in my genealogy files.
now équiped with a new computer and windows 7, I CANNOT LOAD MY PROGRAMM.
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  1. Older programs like that may not work with a new OS like W7. You can try and install it under Windows 98 or ME compatibility if you haven't tried that already. Is there an update for the program (what is it?)? My father used an older genealogy program called "Family Tree Maker," but with a new OS, I upgraded it to a newer version and everything works excellently (no file loss or anything).
  2. What version of Windows 7 do you have? If you have professional or ultimate and your CPU can do virtualization, then you can install Windows XP Mode and that should allow it to work.

    If your CPU cannot do virtualization, all is not lost. You can get VMWare Player, Virtual PC or Virtual Box (all free) to install a copy of XP or Windows 95/95/ME on your machine and then install the software that way.

    To check if you can run Windows XP Mode, go here ->

    This will determine if your PC can run Windows XP Mode (it checks your OS as well as allows you to run a program to see if your CPU can do virtualization).

    Again, if it cannot run Windows XP Mode, then you can download one of the other three packages I stated. I recommend VMWare Player first and then Virtual Box next. However, with these programs, you will have to already own a licensed copy of 95/98/Me/XP whereas with Windows XP Mode, Microsoft provides you with a copy of XP in virtual hard drive format for Virtual PC.
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