Dell 30" or Samsung 24" - need help deciding

Hey all, i'm building a high end PC here pretty soon ( ) and i need some help on the monitor.

I'm planning on running 8800 GTX's and a Samsung 24". The only problem is, i think SLI GTX's would maybe be too much for a 24". i would *like* to upgrade to a 30", but i haven't heard that many good things about the Dell 3007 WFP, not to mention the specs aren't as good as the Samsung.

Samsung will be releasing a 30", but it's not out yet, and i haven't heard of a release date either. Not to mention It'll be close to $2K.

So here's my question: what is everyone's opinions and experiences on the Dell 3007, and is there a better choice for a 30" than the dell? (i don't want the apple, at all)

Thank you
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  1. Would dual monitor be something to consider? It would be nice for Supreme Commander. :)
  2. Dual monitors will NOT work with SLI. So if you're willing to give up SLI or disable a monitor while in SLI mode, that would work.

    Last I heard, the 30" Dell was one of the nicest at its size.

    I do not know much about anything that big because it is way beyond my budget range.
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