Windows 7, Audio/Monitor problem.

Hello, in my computer i have in the front audio jack the headphone(Mic & Audio) and at the rear audio jack a full 5.1 Speakers the audio manager and drivers from my motherboard (As-Rock N68-s) managed to have me working them both at the same time.
Well until yesterday, I installed My new monitor (Philips 17' 140S4) and my headphone on the settings were replaced with the monitor. The headphone and everything in the front audio jack is not working, only way now is that ether speakers or headphone work on the rear by swapping the jacks.

Audio manager does not start up anymore, motherboard drivers does not even start up the setup, and realtek latest drivers do install but after the setup is done it's like nothing ever happened. <--- Drivers do not even start the setup. <--- Setup goes smooth but after that everything is like before nothing is changed, like i never installed anything

in this screen the monitor like thing should be my speakers please help i will break this pc to pieces if it continuous

this is a freshly formatted pc after and before format the same crap.
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  1. Did you install any software that came with the monitor? Some come with it, some don't, hence why I ask. If it did, try uninstalling the software and see if that gets things back to normal.
  2. The Monitor did Not Have any Drivers, I pluged it and Headphones and Microphone were not working anymore.
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