Slow SATA Drive?

Hi, I'm, running an P4 2.8Ghz, 2x 256MB DDR400 in Dual mode on a Gigabyte GA-8IG1000 motherboard. Have a DVD-R/RW & a Maxtor 120GB SATA drive(6Y120M0).

Started the PC, booted with the Windows XP CD and it went through the normal steps and then I just partitioned the drive into 20GB (for WinXP Pro) and 100GB (DATA) partitions, and installed XP.
But if I copy or work with big data the drive reads like it's crazy and the whole pc becomes slow. For instance when I try to copy a 500MB file, it starts off copying at around 10000-13000KB/sec, but then after a little while the drive starts to sound very busy and the speed goes down to +- 3000KB/sec, depending on what I do. If I then try to open another program it just gets slower.
Anyone got any ideas?


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  1. Let the file finish copying before you start opening other things up?

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