Need a new Home Theatre/AV Receiver! Dont know where to star

Hey guys

So i need a new AV/Receiver for playing Audio for my TV, Xbox 360, PC (music and video games) as well as for playing vinyl, CDs, and DVDs etc. SO ...

Heres the question ... With about 250-350 to spend, whats the best AV/Receiver I can get for all those uses that is going to be good sound quality with alot of connectivity that will also last me and be a good investment? Also, what should I get to connect to the unit to load DVDs CD?

Thanks guys, this will be my first AV receiver, before this Ive only had 5.1 home theatre/dvd setups from Samsung and such so ... first time dealing with REAL audio stuff.

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  1. try

    they have good info and pics.
  2. Denon, Onkyo, and Yamaha, for the mass market are about the best. Sony,
    unless you get the pricey ES line aren't quite as good. Pioneer are mostly junk.

    Dollar for dollar, Yamaha is tough to beat.
  3. I love my Onyko Reciever!!!!!

    Sony is a dirty word.

    I got mine here, great deals!
  4. Yeah, I have the Onkyo 604. I love it.
  5. i like onkyo. have two of them, well got for my mom for x-mas
    a couple of years ago. even bought a 3 year ext warranty and onkyo fcuked me on it. the dolby digital and dts decoder went out.
    the dpII and all other surr sounds work. but onkyo wouldnt
    warranty it. and after i spent 60 bucks too ship it to them
    when i got it back it wouldnt even power up :evil:

    after i took it apart and pluged a connect back up it worked fine. 8O
    well except for the dts and dolby digital.

    i have an h/k which i love and a 8 year old sony which is still
    kickin. :lol:
  6. Unless you can manually set your receiver to stereo by default, I don't
    recommend going digital to a satellite or cable box. Everytime you change
    the channel your receiver will being switching Dolby/DTS on or off as it
    detects it. Not a good long-term thing. I do keep mine hooked up optically
    to my Directv HD box, but that's for the projector downstairs and it's used
    mainly for movies/sports., not normal tv viewing...usually. :wink:
  7. I got a cheap Onkio 5.1 for $65 @ Fryes I got a Sweet 6.1 Sony Reciever for $100 @ Fryes then I sold That off and Got my $350 Sony STR DER 997 it has 7.1 Channels and upconverts to Component Video. My LG DVD/Digital Tuner Upconverts but only if I use the DVI Cable. I can't notice the differance between the Component and the DVI with Upscaling I believe my Sony Hi-Scan upconverts the signol anyway.
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