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Hey everybody,
Looking at a Sony Viao, not sure what model. It's a 2006 if that helps. Anyway, the problem is it is running very very slow and I think it's the HDD. It's only an 80gb HDD, not that that matters but I'm sure it's 5400 rpms. I don't think the processor or anything is messed up because when I check under my computer properties it still displays the dual core processors with 1.73. It has what I think to be 2 gigs of ram or atleast 1. Like I said I'm not sure but the computer tech that looked at it said a virus had eaten up the HDD, is that even possible? Anyways, if it is the HDD I took it out and looked at it. It has a connector built onto it. I don't know a lot about laptop HDDs but do all 2.5" come with this connector? If they do I should be able to buy anyone right? Well, if you have any other suggestions about the problem just let me know. Thanks a lot.
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  1. correction, it has a 1 gig and 256 mb ram cards.
  2. How much ram does windows XP use to operate?
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  4. I don't think there's anything wrong with the computer itself. Generally computers that run slow simply have bad software configurations.

    Windows XP can run satisfactorily with as little as 256MB, but I recommend you have 768MB or greater. Which you do.

    Which, therefore, brings me to the conclusion you've got poorly configured applications running all the time that the computer doesn't need. Consider cleaning up your files and programs.
  5. I will look into it. If I was going to replace the HDD where would I find a good replacement that's atleast 7200 rpm with same connector?
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    1. Backup/Save your important files somewhere other than on the hard drive.
    2. Format the hard drive and reinstall XP.
    3. Check the performance after a clean install.
  8. yeah, ended up doing that and it worked. Thanks
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