Compaq R4000 - is this a 3000 related issue??

Hi guys I found this site and was hoping someone could help and having read the boards I wondered if my problem is related to the R3000 power cable issue? Basically my laptop was working fine but over the last few months when I plugged the power in whilst the machine was on the lights on the front of the laptop would flash at regular intervals and so would the led on the on/off button and the battery doesnt charge. I have normally solved this problem by re-inserting the power supply lead and or taking the battery out and making sure the connections are clean and putting the machine back together. However, today it hasnt worked that way :( . I am now sat infront of a dismantled laptop feeling bemused because I can't see anything obviously wrong. I haven't gone as far as the connectors in the 3000 problem. Having just put it all back together whilxt i wait for a better oportunity to investigate further, I have plugged the power lead in with the laptop switched of and I know get the fornt lights flashin about every minute which suggests it may recognise the lead is plugged in. I have also tried different sockets to ensure i wasnt getting squiffy voltage from the house. Does anyone recognise these symptoms? Know of any solutions? Its bugging the hell outta me. Thanks for your help in advance!!

Si. :D
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  1. To make matters worse it has now started charging again completely randomly. So it appears it may be an intermittent fault rather than something I can pin down. Typical with christmas only a day away.
  2. Hi, too bad you did not resolder the dc socket's connections to the board, while it was dismantled, might be your problem. Did the battery held a decent charge before this happened? Is your laptop working okay with the adapter, no shutdowns or reboots out of the blue? What wattage is your adapter, some cured this by going from 120 to 135 watt adapters.
  3. Its a 120 adapter. Havent had any odd shut downs and the battery is holding a decent charge all the time so I think either the adapter may be a problem of it may be the sockets.
  4. my computer is the same model and it is doing the same thing.did any one fide a way to fix this problem
  5. flashing light at front normally means the battery has not enough charge yet and usually goes solid when it receives some charge - r4000 dc socket is totally different to r3000 but could need resoldering - I would persevere with trying to boot up the laptop without the battery in wiggling the power lead about in different directions to see if it can boot up at all even for 1 second - have you tried changing the lcd cable which plugs into your motherboard ? this cable can cause interference lines anything really.
  6. oops forget that lcd cable part at the end that is a paste from another problem
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