Slower response/refresh on far left of screen?

I've hooked my new Samsung 940mw up to my PC (3400+/7900gs etc) and maybe im going crazy but I swear when im moving windows around the left side of the screen the pixel refresh is slightly slower (leading to a miiicro second of fuzziness on certain colored frames), it's really not in any way noticeable, its only when i'm really looking for it that I notice it but I worried this is indicitve of a larger problem, or is it just todo with the order in which the monitor pixels refresh (it seems to happen most in the extreme top left).

Anyone know anything about this?
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  1. P.S I'm running at 1400x900 @60hz and Im using the Dsub analog rather than DVI input (both my card and monitor support DVI but right now I dont have a cable).
  2. Fuzziness when stuff moves? That would fit the description of the smearing due to a response time that is slow on an LCD monitor. However, it would show the same level of smearing all over the screen and not just certain corners.
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