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Presario R3306 US fan stops working after power on for 10s

Last response: in Computer Brands
December 24, 2006 2:47:16 PM

I've used my Presario R3305 US for two years. But it began shutting down automatically recently. After a quick study from this board, I felt it was the overheating issue, so I opened and removed the thermal cover to clean the air vent and fan. (It was quite dirty inside!) After I've done and tried to reboot my machine, the CPU fan stopped working after power on for 10 seconds.

What will happen to use the machine without the fan working?
Is it the problem with the fan? (but it works for the first 10 seconds!) How to replace it?
I found that my machine only has one fan. But isn't it supposed to have two fans?

Thanks a million!!!!

December 25, 2006 11:16:34 PM

Some boards have 2 fans, some 1. It is normal for the fan to stop after the bios takes over, the board identifies the temperature only after posting. The fan should start up, when in windows for a couple of minutes.
If you're not confident to start up the laptop completely:
I've never seen a bios setup from a r3000 long enough to know if there is a temperature monitoring, but you could enter bios (F10 on posting I believe) and scroll through the pages to check. If it is there, watch it for some time, see if the temperature is rising, and wait for the fan to kick in? Stop if nothing is spinning and temperature reaches 80C.