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Good day, i'm currently doing a henfty amount or research to replace my ancient dell inspiron 4100 this summer. I'm a guy who likes to get the most for his money, and i also need a computer that is reliable, versatile, moderate for gaming, and portable. I'm entering college very soon, so i need one that's great for everything.

After much extensive research it seems like the 3 best options are either a Dell, Sager, or HP

The dell is a studio xps 16 or a xps m1530, link:
studio 16:

the sager is a np2096 series, link:

and the hp is an hdx 16t or dv6t series, link:
hdx 16t

the question i have right now is which company is the best to go with, I'm interested in going for the company who is the most reputable in long term reliability (mine right now is 7 years old), and good customer service

it also seems that sager is largely unheard of, i can't find much information about them and it seems the mainstream business like Best Buy don't sell them, so if know anything about them, any information would be very useful.

so the poll is about, which company is the best to go with based off information above?

thank you very much for your time
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  1. I bought a Dell M1710 2 years ago and I am not ready to give it up :)

    It has the horsepower and screen size to do what I need.

    I found it beneficial to set up two partitions and dual boot Windows for work and play.

    For my choice, I would go with the larger screen and resolution.
  2. I've thought about that too, but my primary need is a low price and mobility, being that I'm planning on keeping this possibly through a masters program. After comparing weights and dimensions with, lets say 13 inch laptops, i've decided 16 inch is the largest I'm willing to go, because i also need it to be a decktop replacement.
  3. And also, i recently discovered MSI aswell, another company i know almost nothing about
    however, their computers are more attractive then sager and cheaper... what do you think about MSI?
    Link to preffered comp:
  4. I use dell stuff as I have had no troubles attributed to the OEM other than poor case ventilation causing some troubles on my DT.
    I have a Vostro Laptop and have been using it alot since buying it last Sept. it's giving me zero troubles. And the updates are right there when I pop in to a dell site.
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