ok i have a Presario 1080. I tink the battery is bad in it, but i also think it might have the wrong battery.
The laptop power specs are 18.6V 2.8A, and the battery is 14.4V 2.4A. for the same serise of lapto theyy made a 15V 4.4A battery (i think thats it) the one i have is serise 2901A the other is a 2901??? The laptop serise number is 2900E

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  1. Have you tried looking around there site or calling there tech support?

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  2. i looked around their site, nothing there
    and didnt think about tech suport.

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  3. I didn't see much at there site either. You might have better luck with tech support. But who knows... I've never had to deal with them.

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  4. maybe you can find out from <A HREF="" target="_new">here.</A>

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  5. Sorry about this but your spelling is a killer

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