Nomad Jukebox 20GB HD Upgrade Problem

Upgrading Jukebox to 20GB HD Problem
I followed the instructions. After copying I installed the IBM Travelstar 20GB HD into the Jukebox, it booted fine. However when I tried to format the drive by "Keep then 'Play' as well as the 'Stop'-button pushed after the Jukebox displayed the 'EAX' " the jukebox just booted as normal. I re-installed the original drive, but could not format it either. I tried all sorts of different combinations of buttons and timing but have not been able to format either the original jukebox drive or the new 20GB drive. I do have the newer 2.56 Firmware, I wonder if the format command has been locked out in this update. Could any one out there email me an older firmware or enlighten me to what is going wrong.
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  1. To format push EAX+Middle Softkey+Down Scroll and while holding these 3 keys down push the forward arrow to turn it on. Continue to hold these 3 keys down until the jukebox boots up. There will be a menu for fromat or cleanup. It is necessary to use the ac power for this.

    There is also a creative news group that your isp may carry, creative.products.nomad

    Let us know if this drive works for you.
  2. Thank you very much for your help. I followed your instructions and was able to format the 20GB hard drive.
  3. Man how many songs can you store on that?

    I still havent filled up my 6Gig. Then again i am a bit picky!

    <i><b><font color=red>"2 is not equal to 3, not even for large values of 2"</font color=red></b></i>
  4. Well it's not just how many, it how good do you want the quality. I use 256kbps, I can detect a big diffeence. So at that bitrate I can only fit half the music.
  5. Most musics you get from the Internet is 128Kbps. There's definitely no reason to convert up to 256Kbps. Of course unless your collection is made up from your long list of CDs...

    This site is cool.
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