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I just installed 7 on my emachines t3092. I tried to install the drivers for my wirless network adapter and it would not work. I then tried to install the driver package for my chipset and that still doesnt work. Help please! :)
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  1. I could not get the ethernet driver to install on windows 7 64 BETA using my NF3 MB. I also tried several including the latest Nvidia NF3 chipset driver which includes an ethernet driver. If you have a wireless router and wireless adapter available, try that route.
  2. The linksys vista drivers for my USB wireless adapter didnt work either.
  3. THat is an NF2 chipset. MS will not provide an ethernet driver for that system bundled with Windows 7 BETA.
  4. So there is no way to get to the internet with my current computer?
  5. On the Windows 7 computer, at least.
  6. If you have a wireless router, you can install one of these wireless adapters. They work great with Vista 32 and Vista 64. I think they would work with Windows 7 BETA with the Vista driver. I don't believe MS will support a Windows 7 BETA driver to work on the NF2/NF3 chipset (ethernet inclusded). The NF4 chipset works fine with Windows 7 BETA.
  7. robert514 said:
    The linksys vista drivers for my USB wireless adapter didnt work either.

    Install in Vista compatibility mode, and make sure you pick either 32-bit or 64-bit drivers, depending on which version of 7 you installed.
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