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I just finished building my first computer about an hour ago. This thing is awesome. I decided to use Windows 7 RC as I was on a bit of a budget and anything free is always worth a try. Well I got it installed and everything and I put in my motherboard disc to start installing drivers but I get an error message that says "Motherboard Support Cd does not support this operating system." What do I do? Am I gonna have to go buy Vista or XP or something? I'm a bit confused about what the drivers do to be honest. Because it seems to be functionable the way it is?

BTW I checked the manufacturers website and they dont have W7 Drivers.

This is my mobo
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    You should be able to use the Vista drivers provided on the site for windows 7.
  2. pinaplex said:
    You should be able to use the Vista drivers provided on the site for windows 7.

    thats what i did works like a charm
  3. You just have to get the drivers online. They will be newer if you get them that way anyway.
  4. It's also unlikely you need to update the main chipset drivers. The default ones should be fine.

    You likely only need:
    1) better graphic drivers (from ATI or NVidia or Intel directly)
    2) audio drivers (see your motherboard manual and investigate)

    In general you can try Vista drivers. ATI and NVidia should have graphics drivers for Win 7 but likely not for older cards.

    I highly recommend you use System Restore and make a backup point prior to installing each driver.

    I'd also run a program like 3DMark2001se, run and write down the number for the default benchmark then compare that for the new drivers. For audio, it's a little different but maybe try a game and some music etc first then compare with the "better" drivers.
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