HDD Problem...Please HELP

I recently built my first computer.

ABit IS7
Intel 2.8C, no OC
IBM Hitachi Deskstar SATA HDD 80GB
Sapphire RADEON 9000 Pro

After receiving advice from the friendly folks here, all went very smoothly and the computer and all parts have been running flawlessly. I installed Windows XP Home with no problem.

However, I just installed an Iomega Zip100 drive and slaved it to the LiteOn on IDE Primary One, ensuring the jumper was properly set, but when I rebooted, I seem to have acquired a big problem. Windows would no longer boot up. I rechecked all the BIOS settings, and nothing appeared amiss. It was telling me to run Windows XP setup again, or try to recover an earlier install. I tried to run the recovery, but it asked for the administrator password, which for some reason would not work. I decided to reformat and repartition the HDD, but that did not help. It is telling me that the HDD is an "unknown" disk, although as I said, everything looks fine in BIOS. Can anyone tell me what I did to mess things up? How do I work this? Thanks.
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  1. And it was loaded before? Sounds like SATA was moved out of the BOOT order in BIOS.

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  2. why are you not booting hard drive on primary ide?
  3. did you install any iomega software? If so, there is no boot no more for ya in w2k+

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