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So now that TomsGuide recently completed its article on DIY notebooks, I've been wondering about it and instead of a new HP I'll give a DIY machine a whir myself.

But alas, only has dual core processors available and two OCZ options for a barebones system. The lack of choice is :(

A google search for "DIY Notebook," "barebone Notebook," "Whitebook Notebook" and "do it yourself laptop" all gave me either more articles on DIY Notebooks (some years old), or websites talking about DIY kits that were available years ago. ( a place I try and not use ) didn't have a very good selection either. So, where can a good selection of barebones systems be found? And a place to get a Q9000 series or better processor (preferably a QX9300)? Also, RAM: most of these only take two sticks right, but some must have 4 as I have seen 8 gig laptops out there. So, where can I find some 2x4 gig sticks of DDR3, or 4x2 gig sticks? And who is offering good latencies at decent speeds in notebook ram (like DDR3 1333 at CAS 7).
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  1. No one? Really?
  2. bump, im right with this guy, any help
  3. bump once again, this is a good question and I would love the answer. I'm sure many people would love to build their own badass laptop and we deserve an answer :)
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