Looking for a device to control 12v relays (USB Pr

I will start off by asking what I am looking for as far as the hardware goes. Then I will explain what I intend to do with it further down the road.

What I'm looking for: A USB (for ease of connection and less hassle with emulating a serial port) device to trigger 12v relays. I'm not concerned with a logic controller (not real sure if thats the correct term or not). I just basically need something I can switch the relays on with. I have 12 - 15 in mind. I would also need to be able to control it remotely somehow. I would think Telnet, FTP, http, etc would suffice and be pretty common. WiFi would be ideal, although then I have the problem of buying additional hardware for my phone (explain in the WHY section of this post). For my situation Linux drivers would be preferred, and possibly required based on how I interface it with the system. I have very little knowledge on these devices and is why I have posted here.

Now the WHY to help you better understand me. For starters, this will not be hooked up to a PC. I am hoping to use my XBOX as it's controller in my pickup truck. It is possible to run Linux on my XBOX, but there are individuals who can port Windows software/drivers to XBOX. Linux drivers would eliminate that step. I have quite a few things in my truck that are run from 12v switches (door poppers, suspension valves, actuators, air pumps, etc) that I'd like to control remotely. My phone is pretty high tech (Samsung i700) and I can connect to the net, FTP, http, etc from that. Or maybe WiFi the 2 devices together. The ultimate goal is to be able to control the many 12v devices in my truck with a few taps of my phone. Also without a "PC", although the XBOX is just a PC changed into a gaming console (and back into a PC in my case).

Thoughts? Suggestions? Questions?

Very basic info on my truck can be found here: http://www.blazinlow.com/s10blazed/johntruck.htm
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  1. i doubt such a device exists for comercial purchase. i think a radio transmitter would be better for this. you should be able to find a 15 chanel transmiter and reciever at a hobby shop. of course it wouldnt work with your phone but it will still work remotely. i assume you dont mean to control the thing from another state.

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  2. Do you already have some control over these devices within the truck's interface? (ex: dash mounted LCD, GPS, etc.) My friend connected his XBox with the onboard comp. via the bluetooth. If you don't need to be OUTSIDE or completely away from the car, that might work. If you have keyless entry and such (I'm guessing so), you may be able to work it off that system. Though I doubt you're going to find much consumer hardware for this kind of thing. This is more hardware hacking. You may have to take the functionality of the devices already attached to the vehicle and find ways to modify them for your purpose. (which of course may be way out of your original plans)

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