Basic 22" Widescreen LCD Questions

Evening All,

For those of you that have recently purchased a 22" WS LCD, I have a few basic questions:

1. Between these two monitors, which do you think is a better deal? I have seen quite a bit of posts from Acer owners claiming that Acer has improved over the years and that this monitor is a great one for the money. The ViewSonic, on the other hand, is bound to be good too, but costs a little more. (And with the ViewSonic, I'm sure you can switch those speakers off if you don't use them. I know I won't!).


2. I use my home PC primarily for gaming. As you can see from my sig, I have an EVGA 7900GTO that should be capable of displaying the 1680x1050 resolution, but that specific resolution is not listed on the card's spec. sheet. The maximum resolution for my card is 2560x1600, so I would expect that my card could handle it.

3. I currently have a ViewSonic VX924 19" (1280x1024) standard LCD that works well with my Xbox 360. Do any of you have your Xbox 360's hooked up to a 22" WS display and if so, what resolution do you use?

Any other comments about this that you'd be willing to share would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Have you tried looking into the comparable model from Westinghouse?

    It has the same specs PLUS it adds composite, s-video, and component inputs so it works as an HDTV (both 720P and 1080I)!

    I bought one from Best Buy at their Black Friday sale for $199 but its now selling for $399 (same as your other choices).

    I love this monitor, both as a PC monitor and as an HDTV.

    Since it has identical? specs to the other two choices (22" widescreen, 1680x1050 res., 5ms , 700:1 contrast, DVI and VGA inputs) PLUS the video inputs, it's just far superior.

    But again, you really need to see each monitor hooked up to a PC to compare. The fact that all three monitors have identical numbers makes me suspect they have the same LCD panel just with vendor specific circuitry.
  2. Will the Westinghouse LCD display 1080 with a PS3 hooked up to it via component connection?
  3. I have the Westinghouse hooked up to a Voom HD receiver (just for OTA HD broadcasts) via component cables and it works (beautifully) at both 720P and 1080I.
    I do not have a 1080P input source so i cannot test that. Its native resolution is 1680 x 1050 so it should be capable of 1050P at least.
    Is the PS3 a 1080I or 1080P source? (or can you choose one or the other)
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