Any idea here?

Hello everyone,
just a few hours ago someone gave me an old Lenovo S10 (N270, 1GB RAM, Win7 home x86) for free.
I tried to turn it on..."$%"§%&%/&$"§!!!!....I dunno which one is faster...end of my patience or the booting time...
Booting done...
Opening things takes forever!
I have to hold my reflex from smashing it to the floor.

That thing (is this suppose to be a laptop?) is still working but unbelieveable sluggish compared to my PC (see signature) or i7 2670M laptop or my previous old P8600 laptop...even my ASUS Transformers Prime is faster

I have a few questions:
1. Is that normal or is it already broken?
2. (If it is not yet broken) Is there a way to make it faster? Linux? Meego? Anything?
Sorry if I asked stupid things...I have never had a netbook before....

If there is no alternatives...I will take the components apart (I can still use the keyboard, RAM and HDD) and smash the rest to the floor...
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  1. Netbook = slow. Upgrade to 2 gig of RAM, all you can do with that. Linux will probably run faster.
  2. Thanks for the answer.
    Yeah...I read in several places just now...Netbooks are lame...
    I manage to sale the netbook to my neighbor for €100 :)
    ... not bad, since I got it for free :)
    Thank goodness he actually likes the netbook...I did not even care to ask why :)

    This means €100 less expenses for my pre-ordered Samsung Galaxy SIII :)
  3. Passmark CPU benchmarks:

    N270 = 303
    i7 2670M = 5517
  4. I dunno if those benchmark canbe trusted....Atom N270 about equal to PIII?
    I still has a working Pentium III 800 eb, 2x512MB 133MHz SDRAM, 20GB HDD, Riva TNT2 with Win XP.
    I was curious and started the system one more time after more than 5 years....I still feels that my PIII system is still faster that the N270 netbook.
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