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I have a hp dv9000 that i had custom built when i bought it from hp. at the time i did this, hp had two things i could choose from: 4 gig ram and a larger cell battery. needless to say, i did not pick either. now, the battery is DEAD, has been for almost a year. I went to hp site to buy the bigger cell battery and its not there. I found one at brilliant store web site, and it says its for my laptop and its 12 cell. my son insists i not buy it, as he thinks it will fry my motherboard.
ok, so why does hp not have the larger cell battery anymores? is my son right?
this darn battery i got with the laptop never has held a charge for very long. its been dead for months.
can I buy the 12 cell and not fry up my laptop? or do i have to buy another battery like i have? (8 cell i think)

Another thing. I got 4gig of ram for my laptop for cmas (from my son). BUT, no matter what he tried, my laptop only recognizes 3 gig. Its' ok, I can still run Paint shop and such, but 4gig would of been nice, especially since i have 4 gig in there!!!

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  1. HP has a large commodity of parts for your notebook. It's actually quite unlikely that they don't have your battery in stock - the dv9k was in use by HP for a long time. I suggest you try a chat with them to find out where you can purchase one.

    As for the 3GB RAM limit, it looks as though you have a 32-bit OS installed. Your computer cannot recognize greater than 4GB of RAM until you install 64-bit OS.
  2. As the others have said. The ram needs a 64 btit os, and the battery is fine.
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