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So lately, my computer seems to start beeping sporadically. It would be sitting there not doing anything and all of sudden start beeping loudly *beep*... *beep*... *beep*... I have no idea why, I'd have to restart the computer and sometimes it'd shut up but sometimes it wouldn't. So I'd have to wait a bit before trying again. What would cause a computer to beep like that just out of the blue? It's not like I was overloading the CPU, it beeps even when it's idle.


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  1. There are several reasons it could be beeping. What do your temps look like, a lot of motherboards will do this to warn you of a overheating CPU. Some motherboards will also do this to warn if fan RPMs are to low, depends on how your BIOS is setup. My want to consult your manual, for error codes, they should list exactly what the beeps mean.

    Do you have anything out of the oridinary running? I have run into a few programs that cause my BIOS alarms to go off, (PCWizard04 currently, for some reason makes my BIOS think the CPU is at 75° C, and then the PC speaker will start going nuts.)

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