PC gaming with a large monitor or HDTV?

this is probably a stupid question, but for PC gaming, what would look better? a 30-40 inch lcd monitor or a 30-40 inch lcd hdtv conntected through vga or the digital output of the video card? and which should be a less expensive setup?
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  1. well here is the thing. i know nothing about what makes an hdtv good and what makes a monitor good. i think i'm correct in believing that large monitors can support higher resolutions, but then why would anyone want to connect their pc to an equal sized hdtv?

    if one of you could tell me the advantages of using an hdtv and the advantages of an lcd monitor, that would be great.
  2. Monitors generally support more and higher resolutions than an HDTV, they also cost twice as much. On my 26" HDTV that I use for gaming it supports 1280x720p, 1360x768 and 1980x1080. Whereas a monitor of the same size can support many more resolutions without scaling issues and, depending on the monitor, can get as high as 2560x1600.
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