Compaq V4000 Presario Warranty Issue HELP PLEASE!

I purchased a V4000 in March, 2006. After a couple months, I had problems with the charger light staying on. I had to turn the plug to a certain position to get it to work. I didn't use the computer mutch so I put up with it. In October, my son took the computer to school and the problem started getting worse until the computer wouldn't boot up at all. We sent the computer in to HP and they said there was "liquid damage" to the computer and it would cost $739 to fix it. I only paid $799 for the computer new. We have never spilled any liquid on the computer.

Any recommendations?

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  1. And you can probably buy a better computer new for less. Sounds like you suffer from a bad dc-in connector on the motherboard. Center pin comes loose from the board, sometimes making contact, sometimes not. Take it apart yourself and resolder it, or put in another connector. Workaround is a all-in-one media cable or a docking station, they connect to the docking port, and power the computer through there. You know yourself if liquid was spilled, and errors started after that?
  2. I made a couple more calls to a Compaq case manager and a very nice lady agreed to pay for the repair. I know we didn't spill anything on this computer but at least they made it right.
  3. I'm glad to hear they will pay for the repairs.

    HP/Compaq repair techs are unfortunately a haphazard commodity.

    Our R23360 went in for repair, constant HDD access and slow performance. The first tech to get it simply reimaged the HDD. Well, it worked great for a week, then the problem arose again.

    We sent it in, again, and I sent a copy of the first work order with "DO NOT JUST REIMAGE THIS DRIVE" written on it.

    The second service tech identified a heat sink issue, replaced it, and we've had no problems for over a year.

    Can I ask, is this standard warranty, or a post-purchase warranty? We got a 2-yr extension, which has been a great investment.
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