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Which Nokia smartphone has the loudest speakers?

Last response: in Cell Phones & Smartphones
April 20, 2011 3:14:35 AM

Hello, I'm looking to buy a new phone. I am used to my current phone's loudness so I would like to have a very loud new phone. Here's the things I want in it:
Loudest speakers
At least 2.0 MP camera, with or without flash
Symbian S60
NOT a touchscreen. Never. Ever. Will. Buy. Touchscreen.
I don't care if its a slider or candybar or anything else. So far, I have this:

Nokia N96
Nokia N81
Nokia N85
Nokia XpressMusic 5320

Now since I want symbian, I can't go for any of the Sony Ericsson's (not sure if spelled right). So, which one would you say has the loudest built in speakers? How do they compare to the XpressMusic 5800, which seems to be the loudest, but its a touchscreen? Are there any other good phones that meet the criteria above? Thanks for any help.
April 22, 2011 11:10:01 PM

Bump. Anyone? It's been 3 days now.