Mercora M Streams Desktop Audio To Windows Smartphones

If you have an extensive collection of music on a Windows desktop hard disk drive, you might like Mercora M. It streams audio from a desktop PC to a smartphone running Microsoft's Windows Mobile 5.0 or 2003 SE and provides a fair number of bonus streaming audio channels.
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  1. Looks quite interresting however, if radio is not your main attraction, i would seriously consider two software alternatives, which are FREE;
    1- My orb, lets you streams video, music and pictures to any Windows mobile platform
    2- AVVENU, which grants you acces to your desktop (media included) from any Windows mobile platforms also.

    Worth mentioning, both of these free softwares also work on any windows platform, mac platform or linux. In fact all these program need is an internet browser with WMP plugins.

    Try it out and let me know.

  2. i've tried mercora m and love it, for whatever that's worth.

    compared to orb, the sound quality is much better and the m organizes my music collection by genre, artist, and album. it also offers streaming radio stations by artist, so if i want to listen to beck, for example, i just type in "beck" (or any other artist) and mercora plays music from beck and similar artists. highly recommended.

    happy new year,

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