LCD recommendations in general or from Viewsonic PF790?

I love my now several year old 19" Viewsonic CRT PF790. I've never had the desire to upgrade, but in a nutshell it is starting to show it's age. I have been attempting to research various LCD monitors but the problem is, I don't see that great and generally run my PF790 at 800x600 or 1024x768. I know that resizing LCDs from their native resolution by and large is a big no-no. Still with the larger screen size, maybe I can resize a 19" LCD monitor less and still get by, I am hoping. I have attempted to research LCD monitors and think that perhaps the Samsung 971P might be a good match. I game some and watch DVDs on the computer but mainly use it for graphical use. I can give up some fast response needed for game play if the monitor displays static images sharply such as for editing digital imagery and can play DVD and other video acceptedly. I've also considered the Viewsonic VP930.

Do you think the 971P will meet my needs? Do you think it can downsize from the native resolution a little bit and still display text as sharp as a CRT? If you previously owned a Viewsonic PF790, what did you upgrade to and why.
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  1. The 971P is one which is more likely to satisfy your need for color than others.

    At something other than native resolution, some settings are not too bad, others illegible.... you'll just have to try. Better, however, is to run at native and adjust the font. You can make nearly all of the text larger as you wish... except things like toolbars.

    It won't be long before all CRTs are history... you might as well get prepared.
  2. I know their are problems in high speed gaming action from various LCD monitors but is it safe to say that this Samsung and higher end LCD monitors in general can handle the motion of a DVD ok?
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